How to convert CSV to JSON ?

Step 1 - Paste your CSV into the right panel
Step 4 - First line is header ?
Step 5 - Enable wrap ?
Step 6 - Convert CSV to JSON !

Why is CSV to JSON better ?

CSV to JSON is 6x faster.

CSV to JSON uses latest technology to convert CSV to JSON faster than ever. On average we observed a 6x boost performance when compared to other converters. CSV to JSON is the best converter as of 2017.

CSV to JSON can transform your JSON.

CSV to JSON allows you to transform your JSON to fit your needs: in your header, just use dots . to nest your keys and brackets [ ] to specify arrays. CSV to JSON is as simple as that.

CSV to JSON does NOT collect data.

Actually, CSV to JSON is an in-browser app: data are never transmitted anywhere. You can even use it offline !

Can CSV to JSON pipe the result to another program ?

Coming Soon...

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